Vintage Festival Lunch

29 March 2014

Vintage Festival Lunch

Connie Festa, Peacock Sky's Co-Owner and Executive Chef writes:


"For the inaugural Vintage Festival on Waiheke we should be looking forward to tasting all of the culinary treats that are coming along with it.  It’s not just the wine making associated with harvest, but the beautiful foods as well.


I have chosen two dishes for the Vintage Festival that utilise a good portion of wine in the recipe. Yes – I do love to cook with wine, so this is a treat for me!


Have you heard about our new dining area - Le Côté de la Colline restaurant? As a tribute to the dining area’s namesake I thought I would do something different from the usual fare at Peacock Sky and offer something from my repertoire of French cooking.


The first is your traditional (perhaps not on Waiheke) Coq au Vin recipe, which is full of root vegetables and cooked in our 2011 Merlot Malbec - another great way to enjoy wine. The wine match for this is the 2011 Merlot or, of course, the Merlot Malbec.  This is a hearty dish that calls for something a little more robust than Chardonnay.


My second offering is also a recipe that illustrates the use of wine in cooking - Bouillabaisse. Mussels, prawns, clams, scallops and Tarakihi (making it Kiwi style), with of course a liberal amount of Chardonnay!  There’s nothing better than a fish soup or stew with a good wine as your base.


To finish off the meal, I have created a dessert that will utilise the fresh berries and the grapes from harvest. It is a Chocolate Harvest Cake made with raspberries, blueberries, and harvest grapes. It will be topped with a chocolate berry coulis and crème fraiche.


Needless to say each should be matched up with a glass of wine, including the cake! Come to Peacock Sky to enjoy my personal selection of wine for your decadent dessert."