Construction is under way!

17 February 2010

Construction is under way!

We're getting ready for our "Grand Opening" of The Tasting Room - right now we're in the middle of a major renovation project in the barn which will eventually house both The Tasting Room and Maybelline's Manor, one of our visitor accommodation units.


We will be posting photos as things begin to shape up and we're looking forward to welcoming you from April 1, 2010.


At The Tasting Room you'll be able to experience our wines and selected food pairings, and from time to time we'll post recipes for the food pairing dishes here in the news section.


Coming soon:

  • Tuna Chowder - a favorite pairing of the Rosé
  • Ceviche - a winner with the Chardonnay
  • South Western Gazpacho - a hit for both Chardonnay and Rosé