Verjus article in Waiheke Weekender

15 May 2012

Verjus article in Waiheke Weekender

This growing season we decided to make a small amount of Verjus. Peacock Sky Verjus is made from the juice of unripe, green grapes, which have high acidity. By harvesting some of the crop early in this way we are able to lower the overall yield and improve the quality of the remaining fruit.


The photo shows the green juice being pressed - remember, this is all from red wine grapes, in this case Merlot and Malbec.


Verjus can be used in your favourite recipes in place of lemon juice or vinegar e.g. as a meat marinade, seafood dipping sauce, or combined with olive oil for a delightful salad dressing. One example of a simple recipe using our Verjus appeared in a recent edition of the Waiheke Weekender, links below:


Verjus Article Page 1

Verjus Article Page 2


Definitely worth a look if only to see Rob playing the chef!